Early Work

From around 2005 or so, I would often play around with car stereos in friend’s cars and slowly I became known as the ‘go to’ person for all things stereo related – whether it be advice on what equipment to buy, or installing it into people’s cars.

Below is a showcase of some of my ‘early work’ – before formAUDIO’s official inception and introduction. The Mitsubishi Lancer displayed below was completed as part of my Year 12 HSC Design and Technology Major Design Project in 2006, and marked the beginning of the snowball, so to speak, that is formAUDIO today.

During this time, I’d also occasionally get asked if it was possible to do small sections of custom work as one part or aspect of a whole installation, rather than completing the whole install. Often the reply is that anything is possible, given the right amount of time and money.

Such requests included:

  • Custom Subwoofer Enclosures
  • Custom Parcel Shelves
  • Custom Earth Kits
  • Custom Accessories, such as; voltmeters, etc.
  • Custom Gauge Pods
  • And many more

These examples not only demonstrate the first few cars that I installed in for friends and family, as well as examples of custom work undertaken by me to give the formAUDIO touch to the owners existing installation, but also provide a timeline to compare to how my installation skills and careful attention to detail have evolved and progressed over the years, into the high end installations that I am known for today.

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