formAUDIO was a name that was thought of and discussed in high school while I dreamt about one day owning and running my own car audio business.

After buying my first car back in 2005, and slowly but surely installing an upgraded aftermarket stereo into it, the idea soon planted itself inside my head as something that I would possibly like to pursue beyond just a hobby.

In Year 12 of High School, I completed the design and installation of a friends car stereo for my Design And Technology Major Design Project (which can be seen here), and throughout the year also completed various aspects of car stereo installation into a number of family and friends cars. From installing head units, to amplifiers and speaker upgrades, friends would turn up at my place with questions and their equipment, and I would install it.

One day whilst in discussion with my friend Rhys, he suggested the formAUDIO name to me, after we joked about me one day running a car audio store. Thus, the formAUDIO name was born.

SQ Competition Trophies

Fast forwarding to the present, and 8 years on, I have self built, installed and tuned every installation posted on this website for friends, family, and anyone else who has contacted me, built my reputation online via Car Audio & Entertainment (through it’s time as ‘Car Audio Australia’ and ‘Mobile Electronics Australia’), Sydney Rolla Club and Rexnet forums, and through competing in the nationally recognised MEASQ Sound Quality Competition format, with pleasing results. My online screen name or alias is ‘mad89’ – you can find me on a variety of websites and forums including those listed above.

I competed with my previous car, a 1994 Holden Nova, which featured a stereo that was fully designed, built, installed and tuned by me, with the only outsourced information being inspiration, advice, criticism, and feedback from some of the best installers and car audio gurus from around the country. See the links section for more information on this, or ask me personally. Although the installation underwent many ‘stages’ and changes throughout its short 3 year SQ competition career, it not only helped to teach me most of what I know today thanks to hands on experience and trial and error, but also won me a total of 17 trophies, comprising of; 9 Wins, 3 Runner Ups, and 3 Thirds, a ‘Judges Choice Award’ and an ‘Encouragement Award’.

Scott Buwalda - Hybrid Audio Technologies - Sound Quality Summit

Since then, I have moved on to bigger and better things car wise, and upgraded to a 1998 Subaru Impreza WRX. It’s stereo – although still in the process of being designed and installed – is being built with the sole purpose of out-doing anything I have done before, in order to achieve even better results than my previous car.

To further my knowledge for designing and installing high end car audio, in January 2012 I attended a training workshop hosted by none other than Hybrid Audio Technologies‘ founder, Scott Buwalda, where he presented his ‘Sound Quality Summit’ Technical Seminar to a crowd of 35 crazed car audio competitors, enthusiasts and industry members.

Later that year, in October 2012, Australia was graced with the presence of another well respected industry member from the United States – Arc Audio‘s own Fred Lynch made a pit stop ‘down under’ to release the long awaited Arc Audio PS8 DSP Processor, followed by a detailed training session at Sydney’s Fhrx Studios – something I was again humbled to be a part of.

Fred Lynch - Arc Audio - Product Training at Fhrx Studios

Throughout the fourth quarter of 2012, leading into 2013, I also did some editorial work for Australia’s leading modified car magazine, Hot4s & Performance Cars, assisting with car audio based reviews, technical articles and pictorial features. See the Gallery section for republished versions of the articles, as well as a copy of the 1993 Honda CRX Del Sol feature.

April 2013 saw me on a plane to Singapore to attend the debut of the Tokyo Auto Salon car show, where not only is the modified car scene stepped up a few notches from what we are used to, but the custom car audio featured within also solidifies that the sky is the limit for what’s possible in high end car audio. I was also privileged enough to meet some highly regarded industry members and visit their respective stores to witness where the proverbial magic happens.

Hot4s Magazine - formAUDIO AdvertisementThis website showcase some of the install work that I have completed over the past 8 years, as my passion for this hobby continues to grow.

With a wide variety of some of the world’s best car audio products at my disposal, I can easily tailor make, design and install a stereo system to suit all tastes and budgets.

I can complete a variety of installation services including anything from a simple Head Unit installation, to a fully designed and installed upgrade of all factory components with the addition of subwoofers and amplifiers and the like, as well as moderate custom work including, but not limited to, custom subwoofer enclosures (MDF and/or fibreglass), custom parcel trays, custom fibreglass door pods, kick panels, gauge pods, and just about anything else you can think of. In addition to this, custom earthing kits, fuse holder mounts and various brackets/basic metal fabrication, sound deadening/proofing, system tuning, troubleshooting, and a whole lot more.

If you like what you see on this website, and have any questions and/or inquires, then please do not hesitate to contact me via the contact page. Unlike many online email forms, this one is linked to an account that is checked daily, so rest assured that you will receive a reply.

Finally, welcome, and enjoy your stay at formAUDIO.com.


Rick Formosa/mad89.

formAUDIO Owner/Manager.

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